Suffering from high blood pressure, blood sugar and skin rushes, try this.


➡Detoxifies my body

Aids proper absorption of nutrients
➡Maintains healthy digestive system& gets rid of constipation
➡Improves my skin,
➡Reduces acidity levels in my gut system,
➡Maintains healthy blood pressure level
➡Maintains healthy blood sugar level
➡Reduces Cholesterol levels too,                                                                             

Gets rid of fatigue
➡Maintains naturally high energy levels throughout the day and MOST IMPORTANTLY,
➡Nourishes my body with the right & enough nutrients i.e. amino acids, minerals & vitamins.                                             

➡️With all the above, the body’s IMMUNITY is High.
You can NEVER go wrong with this healthy drink, highly recommended to everyone! Approved by international Aloe science council.
You should try it to believe it!… To order whatsapp +254706672718

Hypertension is the increase of arterial blood🩸 pressure in the body.

Symptoms of persistent high blood pressure are;
headaches, insomnia, heart♥️ & kidney problems, difficulty in breathing, noise in the years, cloudy sight👁 , frequent hemorrhages in the nose👃🏽 & eyes👀.

Nevertheless, HBP May exists without symptoms hence the name The Silent🤐 Killer.

1️⃣ Physical Origin; arteriosclerosis or kidney problems (infection) & obstruction of an artery.
2️⃣ Other associated causes; heredity, obesity, too much salt intake, smoking🚬 , drinking🥃🍷🍻, excess coffee☕️(caffeine) & tea🫖 (nicotine) & contraceptives.
3️⃣ Psychological Origin;
Current anguish, nervousness & emotional imbalances…this mainly stress.

Suggested Treatment.
Eliminate salt intake & excess carbs, exercise. Increase intake of Vitamins A,C,E. Ideally try living a healthier lifestyle & *supplement*.

Aloe Vera Gel Ksh. 2,990/-
Anti-inflammatory, cell regenerator & also helps maximize the absorption of of nutrients.

Argi+ Ksh.8,780/-
Triggers the production of Nitric Oxide which relaxes the inner muscles of our blood vessels causing widening hence increasing blood flow & normalizes blood pressure & balances blood🩸 sugars. 30 Sachets

Arctic Sea Omega Ksh.3,480/-
Contains plyunsaturated fatty acids, EPA, GLA, Omega-6,9. Increases blood🩸 flow & reduces cholesterol. 120 Softgels

Garlic Thyme Ksh.2,030/-
Improves circulation, strengthens the capillary walls* & *prevents & dissolves blood🩸 clots*. 100 Softgels

Total Ksh. 17,280/-

To order,

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