A 22-Year-Old man from Homa Bay arrested after found licking blood of a dead body in the mortuary


A 22-Year-Old man is behind bars after he was found in a Mortuary in Homa Bay licking the blood of a dead body. The man whose name is Onyango went to the mortuary where he licked the blood from a woman who was shot by unknown gunmen last week in Homa Bay.

The woman who was gunned, according to police reports, was an ECDE teacher from a local school in Gul Kagembe area.

Mr. Onyango is said to have visted the mrtuary last week on Thursday, hours after the body of the woman had been taken there. He demanded to go and view a body but mortuary attendants asked him to follow the right procedures before he could view any body.

Mr. Onyango is said to have mentioned the name of a male dead body. The name was on the list of those bodies that had been stored there, he was therefore allowed to enter the morgue and view the body.

Onyango went ahead to view the body but upon his deprture from the morgue, he saw the body of the death woman where he insisted to kneel there and started licking its blood.

The unthinkable actioned raised an alarm where the mortuary attendants called the Chief Security officer of the morgue who then called the police officers to arrest Mr. Onyango.

According to reports, the police officers are investigating and interogating Mr. Onyango on the link between his actions and the death of the teacher.

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