All you need to know about wrangles and differences in TUM Mulembe community


TUM Mulembe community which comprises Luhya sub-tribes had a general election to elect new executives of the year 2021/22. Unlike form the past years where elections were done at Manyani Ground, this years’ elections were conducted from M-block rooftop. The turnout of the event was tremendous as compared to previous events. A total of 204 voters turned out to cast their votes.

Like in any other polls, rigging of the votes was part of the plan by a number of aspirants. Some tried to import voters from other communities to go and cast votes in their favour. Unfortunately, tight security from external and internal forces was on the watch out.

At the end of the casting and tallying of votes, the total votes for the Chairman were slightly higher than the total number of registered voters. A total of 240 votes was recorded, 139 in favour of Tobias Wabwire and 101 in favour of his competitor Steve Changawa. As per the reports from the tallying centre, the election malpractice of Mulembe was recorded from the side of Tobias where bunches of marked ballots were recovered.

Votes denied the results of the chairperson side and demanded an explanation from the Mulembe Electoral Commission (MEC). The MEC chairman and his team were unable to answer where the extra ballots marked in favour of Mr Tobias came from.

The chairman had to plan for a meeting the next day where he invited both the aspirants and their teams. It was unfortunate that Mr Toabias, his team and the MEC Vice Chairman failed to attend the meeting. The MEC Vice Chairman, Tobias’ team and Mr Tobias planned for their own meeting where the MEC Vice Chair announced Mr Toabias and the team as the winners of the Mulembe general election.

Results as per The MEC Vice-Chairperson

On the other side where the MEC chairman had attended the planned general meeting with both parties involved in the election, the MEC Chairman, Mulembe elders and other members had a discussion where it was noted that Tobias’ side failed to attend the meeting due to ignorance and disrespect to the MEC and the community at large.

The MEC Chairman ruled out in the presence of Mulembe elders that the election rigging plans were from Tobias’ side. Mr Steve Changawa was, therefore, declared the winner of Mulembe Chairman post. There were also claims that Mr Onyango Wafula (RAJA) who is the chief advisors of Mr Tobias was part and parcel of the irregularities. Raga was accused of ferrying his friends from the Luo community to go and vote in Mulembe elections.

Election results as per The MEC Chairman

The differences between the MEC Chairman and his Vice-Chairman have brought about the boundaries in the community where Tobias and his group have their own Mulembe government whereas Steve Changawa and his team together with the elders of the community have their own group.

Both two Mulembe wings are planning for the swearing in ceremony in the course of the week.

The struggle still continues

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