Kenyan most wanted Serial killer Philip Onyancha set free by high Court


It is Twelve years down the line Philip Ondari Onyancha the serial killer who shocked Kenyans by confessing that he had killed 18 women in 2009 is now a free man again. Senior KTN News reporter Denis Onsarigo visited the Kamiti Prison seven years later to ask the prisoners some questions.

When Onsarigo asked Onyancha if he ever got guilty of the people he had killed,, ”Yes. By the time I was being arrested, I had been toying with the idea of coming clean. I had wanted to call into a radio station show and confess. After being caught, I confessed all my prior crimes to investigating officers who were following up on the murder and of a boy, my first victim”, he confessed.

“When all this was happening, I was going through hell. Every time I killed someone, the voice instructed me what to do, and I would see other people. The people would urge me on and made sure I did exactly what the voice told me to do”, Onyancha replied.

Onyancha has been set free after the high court judge insisted that the police have failed to do a thorough investigation on Onyancha’s case. The court has acquitted suspected Serial killer Philip in a murder case which he was accused of in 2008.

The judge claimed that the prosecution team failed to prove that, indeed it was Onyancha who killed Jacqueline in 2008. Judge Lessit faulted the prosecution team for failing to follow some leads which were necessary in the case. He said that, despite the fact that the lady was killed, there was no proof to tie the suspected serial killer to the crime scene.

Onyancha was the talk of the town in the back days. He was accused of killing different ladies and drinking their blood like a vampire. He was arrested and detained at Kamiti maximum security prison in 2008.

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