Education Being A Beacon Of Feminism


With no doubt girl child prioritization in the 21century has become a priority of the world, the world realized women contribution and impact is not only maximum at the family level but scintillating in whole fields of our lives .

The roles of women in the society with or without western education is of high level , their enormous wings led them become the orchestrals in their family and society. They have shot their ranks from household chores to anchor economic growth , leadership, massive education revolution and other dockets.

The power of feminism in the today world in women has been raised by the power of education. But slowly too much feminism is taking over and brainwashing our beloved career women.

Morals loosing it’s place to career woman, wife material quality loosing to bossing roles . Men have grown fear of marrying again , it’s not a surprise to see today career women fighting for attention after house maid turning the tables around in the house. Men are no more looking for educated women , they are looking for house wife material.

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