For Kenyan Judiciary, Justice Just but a dream

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   When you walk into the corridors of justice, you expect nothing short of justice itself. However, it does shock you when you lose that which you have been yearning for. It really disappoints to fall in the trap of injustice that you wished to have defeated. But for Kenya, fairness remains a long-wished dream come true.

     Veronica Musali Mutua lost the favour of fortune to fate. So painful! She really sobbed in despair at the Kitui Law courts after she lost the case she filed against Father Japheth Kimanzi. Ms. Mutua is said to have been defiled by the Catholic priest while aged 15 in Kitui.

    Years later, the clergy is alleged to have invited Veronica and the baby to his home where he is accused of trying to kill the duo.  Veronica walked to court to lodge her complaints about the assault she and her daughter encountered six years back with the hope of having her rights back.

Veronica Musila Mutua in hospital with her daughter after the assault.

   The complainant, Veronica, says after the assault, her baby got maimed. The now nine-year-old daughter is blind and deaf after suffering the injuries of the assault. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on her side. The Kitui Law Court Chief Magistrate Stephen Mbugi ruled out that the prosecution had no sufficient, convincing evidence hence couldn’t convict the Catholic Father.

    Veronica accused the court of shielding Father Kimanzi. She however has fourteen days to appeal. But Veronica’s misfortune isn’t strange. There are quite a number of verdicts that have left Kenyans in question; where is the real face of justice?

      To date, many still ask how the popular televangelist, Pastor Ng’anga won the 2015 road crash race. His car crashed head-on with a Nissan March on July 26, 2015, in Limuru killing Ms. Mercy Njeri who was a passenger. On Monday this week, Chief Magistrate Godfrey Oduor acquitted him saying the evidence presented by the prosecution had numerous discrepancies.

    Furthermore, former Kiambu Governor, William Kabogo was also cleared of wrongdoing in the inquest into the ruthless death of Mercy Keino who was a student of the University of Nairobi.  A ruling but Migori Chief Magistrate, Peter Ndigwa sited that there was no unassailable evidence linking Kabogo to the 17th June 2011 night killing.

   Just to mention but a few, Father John Kaiser was murdered in cold blood in 2000. The justice for all campaigners had the exact opposite done to him. Twenty-one years later, neither his family, friends nor the catholic fraternity has tasted the sweetness of justice.

       The judicial system has been baulked from carrying out its task effectively as some claim corruption is playing a key role in this. Many people have resorted to get justice only to find matters worsening instead. With the influence of the executive arm in its functioning, there are fears it will turn to be a tool of use instead of a panacea of societal feuds and challenges.

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