Hon. Shahbal calls for the reopening of Mama Ngina Park to save over 300 lost jobs


The third wave of the novel coronavirus led to partial closure of the country by President Uhuru Kenyatta. One month later, the President ordered the reopening of the country, five counties that had been put under lockdown were all reopened by lifting the partial lockdown.

In Mombasa, all the public beaches were closed to slow down the spread of the pandemic. Mama Ngina Park which is a major park in Mombasa island was also closed down. All Beaches were reopened except the park.

On Tuesday morning, Mombasa residents went to social media to protest over the reopening of the park. The protesters were supporting Hon. Suleiman Shahbal who had called for the reopening of the park. While addressing the media on Monday, Hon. Shahbal said that the closure of the park has affected most of the small scale businesses.

While addressing the media, Hon. Shahbal said that over 350 Kenyans in Mombasa depend on their small businesses that they do in the Mama Ngina park. He therefore called for the reopening of the park to enable the affected residents continue with their daily activities as they follow Covid-19 protocols.

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