“KADU Will Follow After UDA,” Ruto Coastal Ally Declares

“KADU Will Follow After UDA,” Ruto Coastal Ally Declares
KADU party sympol photo/courtesy

United Democratic Alliance had their party launch yesterday and immediately after that Hon. Aisha Jumwa took to her twitter account a logo of new political party by the name KADU with a caption “KADU will follow after UDA,”

This comes even as the deputy president I still at a crossroad on whether to resign and join his allies in UDA or remain within the Jubilee party and survive all through the humiliation he is going through

Aisha Jumwa is a strong and vocal woman in the coast region and her forming another party to lead the coastarians rings an alarm to the Orange Democratic movement party which has been the stronghold party within the region.

Jumwa who is a strong ally to the deputy president William Ruto ditched ODM and handshake camp for the hustlers camp and since then we have seen her fave several cases in the court lately being a murder case.

KADU whose symbol is a palm tree will be a political party for the coastal people and is yet to be registered as suggested by Jumwa

Do you think the time has come for the coastal people to have their own political party?


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