Ladies Form Stingy Women’s Association To Outsmart Stingy Men’s Association

Ladies Form Stingy Women’s Association To Outsmart Stingy Men’s Association

It’s only a month away to the most celebrated day by couples around the world. As it has been a norm, the valentine’s Day has always been celebrated on 14th February annually.

For about 5 years, ladies have always used this day to create issues in relationships, most of them would prefer to be taken out on dates, a vacation and so on. But as on 14th February 2020, Kenyan men had formed a conference on the very valentine’s Day to snitch out of their girlfriends traps of valentine’s.

The Men’s conference was formed. The conference was mainly to educate men on how to handle their ladies. Thinking that the men’s conference stuff was outdated, by January, 10 2021 men had already found an alternative way to avoid this year’s valentine’s Day.

The Stingy Men’s Association was unveiled. The association’s motto is Let me see what I can do. The Association was mainly formed by men with an aim to deny ladies financial support as most of them believe that most ladies use them for financial gains. Wataacha Kukula Fare! This was the main establishment of the Stingy Men’s Association. The Association is now a continent wide stuff as men across the Africa have joined. After joining the ID card is issued with a name, photo, location and position.

When ladies realised that things might be tougher for them not just on the valentine’s Day but thought 2021, they decided to come up with a similar Association but for Ladies. The Stingy Women’s Association was formed. The motto of the association is Can You Do Me A Favour?

Photo: Stingy Women’s Association ID Card, Source: Facebook; Angela

Under this association, Stingy Women ask for a favour from their stingy men.

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