Police arrest a man wearing a dress, panty and bra, carrying a handbag on Saturday night


‘Ukisatajabu ya Musa utayaona ya firauni’,Police in Lamu have arrested a 35-year-old man who was found wearing female clothes at Bajuri area within Lamu island on Saturday night. Man by the name Mutahi was wearing a buibui and carrying a handbag, Mutahi had a pink dress ,bra and a panty as reported by police officers of the station.

After a serious grilling session the man was Asked why he was walking around at that time despite the curfew order, Wahome told police he had been working on a pair of wings as he tries to hone his flying skills.Wahome who said that he had a lot to offer he aviation industry in the country and that he was in the process of obtaining a flying permit to be allowed to fly freely on our airspace.

Asked why he had to test his wings at 1am and not any other time and while dressed as a woman, Wahome explains as follows

“I don’t want to cause an accident. That’s why I do it when there are no people, plus at the beach there is wind which helps me test the acceleration powers of my wings. Just like with any other invention, you don’t test where there are people unless you are confident about it,” said Wahome.

The officers who  were on patrol when they spotted Wahome and upon asking to stop, he fled prompting them to give chase and finally caught up with him.

“We knew a woman couldn’t run at such a high speed at such a time and so we pursued him. We were shocked that he was actually a man dressed as a woman,” said the officer.

Once at the station,Wahome was undressed and discovered to have been wearing female clothing up number one.he informed the police that he has been be witched and cursed wearing female clothes Since age of nine years.He remains in the custody as police are still investigating.He said he intends to fly beyond earth to other planets once his project is successful.

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