R7 100% of winning Embu University (UESA) Elections


As the clock is tik toking, Comrades at Embu University are waiting to elect their leaders who will represent them in the varsity come next academic year.

The campaigns led by the R7 team have intensified as the election day nears. Speaking to the Senior Councel, one of the student’s at the Embu Univerity, he said that the R7 team is ready to solve the comrade’s problems that
they have faced in the previous Students’ Leadership. The R7 team which is led by Enock Gweth and Tracey Kawira has higher chances of winning the forthcoming elections.

The lineup of the R7 team is as follows;

  1. Enock Gweth – Chairperson
  2. Tracey Kawira – Vice Chairperson
  3. Max Omario – Secretary General
  4. Clintony Wanjala – Treasurer
  5. Esther Mbith – Special Needs
  6. Clinton Ogola – Male Rep
  7. Moreen Karwitha – Female rep
  • According to the Senior Councel who talked to mnews, the above lineup has already put in place ways in which they’ll encounter the student’s needs once they are elected. ‘The line up which is led by Mr. Gweth and his vice is the only team that has put in place ways in which they’ll ensure that comrades voices are heard by the University senate,’ he said.

‘insecurity issues to comrades will now be a story of the past. As I have known Gweth for quiet a long time now, he is the person whom we can rely on,’ he added on

All Embu University comrades have therefore been urged to cast their votes for the R7 Alliance for their better tomorrow. The elections are slated for 27th July 2021.

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