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Raila Odinga takes Azimio La Umoja to Taita Taveta County

Raila Odinga had his first Azimio La Umoja Rally in Taita Taveta County, Coast Region



Photo: Raila Odinga Twitter
Raila Odinga in Taita Taveta

ODM Leader Raila Odinga on Friday, 14 January 2022 took his Azimio La Umoja campaigns in Taita Taveta County.

While speaking to residents in Taita, the Azimio La Umoja Principal asked them to come out in large numbers and register as voters as from Monday next week. Raila said that a mass registration of voters by his supporters is the only way to make the big dreams of this country come true.

Raila Odinga who’s vying for presidency for the 5th time said that Azimio La Umoja is a train that’s comprises of ODM and Jubilee parties. He said that other interested parties shall join the train soon ready for takeoff once campaigns are officially announced by the IEBC.

While speaking to residents at Mwatete, Raila blasted the Deputy President of thefty of public funds. He questioned on where the DP has been fetching millions of money that he has been donating day in day out while is salary is only 2 millions a month.

The former premier was accompanied with a number of leaders from the coastal region including Mvita Member of Parliament Hon. Abdulswahmad Nassir and Tudor Member of County Assembly Hon. Tobias Samba.

Raila Odinga will be expected to address residents in the central region tomorrow as he takes his Azimio La Umoja campaigns to Thika.

On the other hand, Tudor MCA Tobias Samba is set to have his finals played on 23rd January 2022 in Tudor Ward, Mombasa County.

Mvita Constituency Member of Parliament Hon. Abdulswahmad second from left, Tudor MCA Hon. Tobias Samba in Orange with their supporters at Azimio La Umoja rally in Taita Taveta


Police officers uses teargas to disperse rowdy youths at DP Ruto’s rally in Jacaranda, Nairobi

The rowdy youths engaged in the up and down runs with the police officers. This forced the police to use teargas to disperse the rowdy youths.



DP Ruto’s meeting at Jacaranda grounds in Nairobi was temporarily disrupted by rowdy youths who wanted it stopped. Few minutes later, the police officers were deployed in to the ground to stop the commotion that was being witnesses.

Instead, the rowdy youths engaged in the up and down runs with the police officers. This forced the police to use teargas to disperse the rowdy youths.

However, the meeting of the Deputy President didn’t stop. All the speakers continued with their speeches as police officers engaged in up and down runs with the youths.

According to People’s Daily, one of the speakers asked the rowdy youths not not run, instead, they should throw back the teargas cansters to the police officers.

Tumekunywa tear gas tumeshiba, hii ni mwaki hapana kitu. Ukiona inakuja chukua uwarudishie. Tuko pamoja?” the speaker said.

DP Ruto has had his political rallies in Nairobi today.

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DP Ruto promises Sh100bn for youths and jobs this year

DP Ruto promised Sh 100bn for youths and jobs this year.
He also promised to built a 5-storey market in pipeline



Photo: Shutterstock

Deputy President William Ruto has today taken his ‘bottom-up’ campaigns to Pipeline, Embakasi south in Nairobi County.

Mr. Ruto had worshipped at PCEA Neema-Parish in pipeline before he made a stop at Pipeline Center. While speaking to residents, Ruto promised that this year his government, once elected, will set aside Sh100bn for jobless youths.

Ruto said that the funds will creat more job opportunities for the youths in the country. Just like the big four agenda, William Ruto also has 4 agendas that will revive the economy of this country once he’s elected the 5th President of the Republic of Kenya.

DP Ruto also noted that he’ll set aside Sh50bn for micro-businesses which will enable small businesses to grow without getting funds from Fuliza and other lenders who intern lists citizens to CRB.

While speaking to residents, Mr. Ruto also promised that his government will built a 5 storey market in Pipeline to enable businessmen and women to trade and make a cent.

William Ruto blasted ODM Leader Raila Odinga for questioning on where he gets millions of money that he’s been donating to businessmen across the country.

“Milioni Mbili ni pesa kidogo sana bwana, wacheni madharau na kiburi Kenya sio yenu ni ya watu wote,” DP Ruto said.

DP Ruto then asked residents of pipeline to walk with him in UDA as they form the next government. DP Ruto was accompanied by Nairobi Gubernatorial aspirant Bishop Margaret Wanjiru.

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Raila Odinga to launch his presidential campaigns in Thika Stadium, Kiambu County

Raila Odinga is expected to launch his Presidential campaigns in Thika, Kiambu.

The ODM Leader is accompanied by set of leaders from Mt. Kenya region and other Kenya Leader



Photo: Shutterstock

ODM Leader Raila Odinga is in Thika, Kiambu County ahead of his Azimio La Umoja rally today. Raila Odinga is expected to launch his presidential campaigns at the stadium. This is opposite to what has always been where the Azimio La Umoja Principal used to launch his presidential campaigns in Nairobi City.

Ahead of his visit to Thika stadium, Raila Odinga met Mt. Kenya leaders in Mount Kenya University and Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology.

While at MKU, Mt. Kenya leaders vowed to support Azimio La Umoja for presidency come August 2022 general election.

As he was meeting with the leaders in MKU, youths and residents from Kiambu were making entries to Thika Stadium waiting for the big rally.

Ahead of his entry to Thika Stadium, police officers and other security agencies had been deployed in the stadium to enhance security ahead of the big rally.

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