Reasons Why Parents Are Afraid To Talk About Sex With Their Children

Reasons Why Parents Are Afraid To Talk About Sex With Their Children

9 months since Corona virus hit the nation, school going youngsters will undoubtedly go back to school yet tragically a few young ladies won’t after they fell prey to group young men

n these previous months, many school going young ladies have become pregnant and it’s pitiful that they must be moms at a particularly early age. 

As per powerful orator Sam West, inertness had a significant impact in the pregnancies. Talking only to Mpasho he said 

‘The children were not involved dissimilar to before where they had school, sports in addition to other things. 

That is the reason there were so numerous under age sex parties. 

‘Our marriage is presently in an intense space’ Says Vivianne, Sam West reacts 

In the midst of this disarray most guardians are zeroing in on enduring and guaranteeing that their organizations are above water. 

As per African restrictions and customs sex isn’t something that was transparently discussed and that has cost us. 

Most guardians were likewise not conversed with about sex education 


‘That is the reason there are such countless youthful pregnant young ladies. 

Guardians even battle to specify parts by their names, so in the event that they can’t do so how might they even start the sex talk? 

That is the reason most children are winding up the year pregnant. All in all he exhorted 

‘Guardians should be receptive and examine these things If not even their children won’t have the option to do as such with their children in future.”


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