Scheduled TUM First Years’ Orientation Dates


Technical University of Mombasa admitted their first batch of freshmen class of 2021 on 13th of September 2021. The activity was a success as the institution with the help of a few experienced students made the process run smoothly.

Normally, after admission the institution give new students space to familiarize with the environment. During that time orientation to students is carried out where the VC, some senior lecturers and key individuals like the school president are allowed to address the whole lot of new students. Orientation is always carried out on physical basis but this year there is a slight change of events following the spread of covid-19 forcing the institution to offer online Orientation.

All new students are required to have a smartphone well endowed with data bundles or at least WiFi access, or rather have a desktop for that matter. In relation to that, the Manager ICTS Mohamed Swaleh has released a notice referring to all new first year students e-registration orientation program. Take kind note of the following Orientation dates;

  1. Thursday 16th September 2021 from 9a.m to 12p.m

2. Thursday 23rd September 2021 from 9.a.m to 12p.m

3. Thursday 30th September 2021 from 9a.m to 12p.m

“The orientation shall be through KENET Web conferencing. The links and passcode will be sent to their university emails, TUM website, TUM social media pages and also to the CODs. The students can therefore proceed to their units registration.”

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