TCA Alliance takes on R7 as R7 gain massive support from the University of Embu Students


Students at the University of Embu are preparing to elect the student council that will represent them in the 2021/22 academic year.

Following the outbreak of the Novel pandemic, coronavirus, the elections are set to take place online on 27th July 2021 as per the directives of the Ministry of Health and The World Health Organization.

As per the voting system in Kenyan Universities, the Alliances have already been formed. The Comrades Alliance has Chweya Vincent as the flagbearer while the Revolution 7 Alliance has Enock Gweth as the Alliance Leader.

As per the statistics carried out by Mnews Kenya, the R7 Alliance has the majority students. Out of 189 students whom we engaged one on one about their take on the forthcoming general elections in the varsity, 154 were supporting the R7 Alliance.

‘Hello Mnews, as per now, the R7 Alliance has gained massive followers in the varsity. This is because of their good manifesto and the plans they have for comrades once we elect them. As per now, the song in the University of Embu is Revolution Seven,’ UoEm student anonymously told Mnew.

As the days of voting comes closer, all alliances are adequately preparing. Unlike TCA, the R7 Alliance is working on the unity of students. Speaking to the Head of Alliance Mr. Enock, the told news that the unity for comrades is paramount. He therefore urged all comrades to give him support toward the success of their good leadership.

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