TCA Wins TUMSA Mini Polls Held By Mnews

TCA Wins TUMSA Mini Polls Held By Mnews

technical University of Mombasa Student Association’s elections are set to be held online on January, 21 2020. This is after the University Electoral Commission UEC oficcialy announced through the memo about the ongoing plans to held the elections. The planned elections were to be held on March 16, 2020 but were postponed after the university was closed due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. As in December 2020, the UEC had planned to hold the elections online but due to late preparedness, the commission announced to have the elections in January 2021.

With two alliances ready to face each other in the battle, The Comrades Alliances commonly known as TCA is headed by the current TUMSA academic secretary Harry Sululu while The Impact Alliance’s flag bearer is Jacklinus Otiato. 5 days prior to the election day, mnews held an opinion poll where students were to vote online to determine the popular Alliance at the university. With 65 turnouts, TCA won with 46 votes while Impact followed with 18 votes.

The results are not official as the UEC will be in charge of the official votes. Mnews shall be bringing you live updates as far as TUMSA 2021 elections are concerned.

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