This is the reason why your HELB Subsequent funds have not been disbursed after allocation, apply for 2021/22


Since the outbreak of the novel pandemic, the economy of the country in the year 2020 and the year 2021 was altered by the measures which were put in place by the government to combat the virus. As a result, all sectors in the government were affected.

The negative effects of the novel coronavirus were not just felt by those in the government but also those who are not in the government as well as students. The most affected students are campus students, mostly those who benefit from the education loan, HELB.

According to the message from the Higher Education Loan Board, there are a number of students who applied for the subsequent loans. Most of them were awarded the funds but the funds were not disbursed due to the limited budget. The Loan Board has therefore urged the affected students to ensure that they apply for 2021/22 subsequent once the application is opened.

”Hi. You were awarded a loan of Ksh. 37000 but disbursement may not be done due to the limited budget. Ensure you apply for 2021/22 subsequent loan once opened,” Helb replied to one of the beneficiaries who inquired about his application.

Limited budget to the HELB Board means that the allocation amount for the next academic year shall be reduced to make sure that most of the students benefit from the program.

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