Two armed thugs shot dead in Nairobi


Police officers in Nairobi shot two armed thugs who died on the spot in Langata. According to reports from the DCI, the two thugs attacked a woman and robbed her off her mobile phone and other valuable goods.

When the thugs snatched the valuables from the woman, she screamed which alarmed the police officers on patrol. The thugs immediately took off and started to fire at the police officers while heading towards Nairobi West.

According to DCI, the speed of the two thugs was no match to that f the police officers whose endurance and tacts in covering long distances came in. The thugs were cornered by the police three kilometers from the scene.

One of the thugs opened fire missing a police officer. The action forced the police officers to fire back at the thugs. A pistol with 5 rounds of caliber was recovered from the thugs. The bodies of the thugs were moved to City Mortuary awaiting identification.

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