Varsity Students attends lectures while standing due to insufficient seats


Students at the Technical University of Mombasa have called upon the department that is in charge of furniture to produce more chairs/seats. Speaking to Mnews Media Group via Facebook, Allan Arahn said that there are insufficient chairs in the Mazrui campus.

Allan said some of the students were forced to attend lectures while standing due to the unavailability of chairs. Andia, a student at the varsity who also attends her lectures at the Mazrui campus missed her evening class due to the same issue.

The students are therefore appealing to the TUMSA offices especially the office of the Academic secretary to come in for their help before the semester comes to an end.

The first semester of the 2020/21 academic year is set to come to an end in mid-July for continuing students from the second year to the fifth year. First years who joined the varsity in September 2020 are set to complete their 2020/21 academic year in July.

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