Video: Marikiti Market in Mombasa on fire, Suleiman Shahbal join residents to put off fire


Marikiti market in Mombasa is on fire. The fire broke out at around 9 PM on Saturday. According to Mnews reporters from the scene, the firefighters are trying to put off the fire whose cause is not yet confirmed.

Speaking to mnews reporters, one of the businessmen at the most known market in Mombasa said the fire broke out at one side of the market, businessmen and women tried to put off the fire with water but it overpowered their trick which forced them to call county firefighters.

Among businessmen Hon. Suleiman Shahbal was among the strong men who joined hands to put off the fire.

Marikiti is the second market in Mombasa that has experienced fire outbreaks in less than one week after the Kongowea market.

See live videos from the scene:

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