Whistleblower of Maasai Mara University Heist fired by the University


The whistle blower of the Maasai Mara University Mr. Spenser Sankara was on Thursday, 17th June, fired as the senior accountant officer at the Varsity. This is after his appearance before the Maasai Mara University Council on 1st September 2020.

According to a letter dated 17th June 2021 from the chairman of the University Council, a follow-up meeting of the 27th meeting of the council established that the Senior Accountant officer had continued with his actions of gross misconduct.

The letter said that Mr. Spenser had;

  • sustained cyber bullying
  • malicious mispresentation of his employer
  • sustained insolance to his employer
  • failed to act in the best interest of the university.
  • sustained incitement of the university staffs against his employer
  • falsely maligned the image and reputation of the university

Due to the issues stated, the university terminated the contract of Mr. Spenser immediately. The Chairman of the Council Mr. Kennedy Kerei said that Mr. Spenser will be paid his one month salary in lieu to the notice. Spenser has been asked to clear with the university.

On 2nd Sept. 2019, Citizen TV exposed corruption on a grand scale at the Maasai Mara University in Narok and revealing four cunning ways the institution’s vice-chancellor embezzled public funds to the tune of Ksh190 million. The whistleblower who led to the investigation was Mr. Spencer who was then the Senior Accountant Officer of the varsity.

According to the exposé on citizen tv, the suspects used coded language to make the swindle in which the parties were referred to as cows and money as grass. To specify the value, a bundle of grass represented Ksh 100,000.

According to Kenyans.co.ke, there was an instance in which the whistleblower, Spencer Sankale, received an instruction demanding two bundles and a half of grass which represented Ksh 250,000.

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